Patrick Kane Workout

I picked up the February 2011 Men’s Fitness magazine before my flight the other day and came across a neat article about Patrick Kane’s workout program he went through this past summer.  The article was pretty short, but it gave readers a quick insight into how Patrick Kane trains during the off season.

At just 22 years of age Patrick Kane was one of the key ingredients to the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship, which broke a 49 year championship drought in Chicago.  At 5″10 and 178 lbs Patrick Kane got right back at it in the gym training for the 2010-2011 season.

Although I am sure Kane’s trainer changes things up almost each workout, below is the example circuit workout that the trainer provided for the magazine article:

Pat Kanes Workout Plan:

Circuit 1:

Zercher Squat – 15 reps and 20 seconds rest
Plate High Arc – 8 reps and 20 seconds rest
Russian Speed Lunge – 8 reps 40 seconds rest

Circuit 2:

Iso Wall Squat – 1 minute rep and 15 seconds rest
1/2 Loaded Bar Lateral Lunge – 8 reps and 30 seconds rest
Push Press – 8 reps and 1 minute rest

How it works: Perform circuit 1 in order with the rest times given between each exercise.  Do the circuit three times and then rest for 2 minutes before starting the second circuit which is also 3 sets.

Note: This is just a portion of Kane’s workout.  His workouts include speed work, strength training, and total body circuits.  He followed his lifting with gymnastic type drills, sprints, shuffles, and skate hop between cones.

Kane’s trainer mentioned the dedication Kane has to his training and conditioning.  Patrick Kane was in the gym 5-6 days per week during the off season and his workouts lasted up to 3 hours.  Note that he wasn’t ever lifting weights for those 3 hours during the workouts (probably 1 hour max).

Patrick’s workouts are aimed at improving his speed, strength, and agility on the ice so he can be “slippery” and escape the hard hits from the bigger Defensemen.  It looks like his hockey training is paying off – at the time of writing this Patrick Kane workout article he is averaging a point per game (49 points in 49 games played).

I was a little disappointed the article didn’t talk about Patrick’s nutrition, but overall a very cool article to come across.


  1. Mike says

    I’ve got a couple of questions about the plate high arc and the 1/2 loaded bar lateral lunge. I’ve never heard of the high arc and can’t find any info anywhere. Is it kind of like a low-high woodchopper with a plate? Also I don’t see the benefit to only putting weight on 1 side of the bar if that’s what it means. Thanks for the help.

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