Off Season Hockey Workout Program Launched

Our 2011 off season hockey workout program is officially launched.  It was actually launched on Wednesday, but I didn’t get around to posting about it here as I’ve been extremely busy answering emails for eager hockey players looking to get in on the program.

Click Here To Check Out The 2011 Off Season Hockey Workout Program…

You can click on the above link if you are interested in checking out the program right now, and below I will go over some details about the training program.

The hockey program is called the “Elite Hockey Training System” and is perfect for any hockey player, any age that is looking to take their hockey game to the next level.

Do you have any aspirations of playing hockey at a high level or even pro hockey in the future?  Ensuring you are training off the ice, especially during the off season, is vital for success these days.  It is not only important that you are training, but that you follow a training program specifically built for hockey players.  Performing workouts that weren’t designed for hockey players won’t do you much good on the ice.

We’ve created a FULL hockey workout program for the entire off season that is available 100% online.  This means you will get a username and password and will be able to login to our site and view the workout program, along with the videos of us performing each exercise.

The workout program is broken down into 5 phases, which work with each other in ensuring you enter your tryouts or training camp in top notch hockey shape.

Phase 1 = Anatomical Adaptation Phase

Phase 2 = Strength Phase I

Phase 3 = Strength Phase II

Phase 4 = Endurance Phase

Phase 5 = The Power Phase

Like I said, we will have videos of each workout’s exercises in the members area :)

As a bonus we’ve included a full meal plan with the workout program. All hockey players who sign up will receive an entire meal plan, which discuses how hockey players should eat, how to gain weight or lose fat safe and efficiently as a hockey player, and gives sample healthy foods.  We’ve also included over 50 sample breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks!

To go one step further we’ve included a mini protein shake recipe booklet, with 10 protein shake ideas so you never get bored of your meal replacement shakes (perfect for after your workouts).

Our next bonus is a body weight workout program for the younger kids, or anyone who doesn’t have access to a gym with weights.  These workouts can be performed with little to no equipment, and are still very hockey specific.  Again, full workout videos will be included for the body weight phases as well.

Lastly we have added full printable workout logs and meal logs for recording your workouts (weights, reps, sets, and notes) and your eating for each day.

There truly is a TON of value in this hockey workout program, and would normally cost thousands of dollars to access this type of elite hockey training.  If you are interested in learning more please click here.